Network & Support Services

Engineering & Computer Maintenance

At KBB we have highly skilled computer engineers who will be able to provide first class support for both PC & Mac. For us no job is ever too small or too big, from assisting you in installing your printer to helping your server recover from a serious crash, whatever your needs are, we are confident that we will find a solution. KBB always offers a flexible approach to our customers’ needs and aim to resolve most problems on the same day. To help you look after your PC or Mac we have put together a list of 10 tips for keeping your PC or Mac healthy. We hope that you find these useful to maintain and protect your computer on a daily basis.

  • Perform disk cleanup once every month
  • Perform disk defragmentation once every month.
  • Perform a system scan every fifteen days to find if there are any viruses, spyware or adware on your system.
  • Update Windows as and when an update is released.
  • Update the Anti-virus software regularly.
  • Use strong passwords for your computer.
  • Switch off your monitor and computer when not in use.
  • Use authentic software only.
  • Don’t visit unsafe websites, Internet Explorer and Google have a tool that will advise you if a specific website that you want to visit is unsafe.
  • Get a yearly visit from one of our engineers.

Please get in touch by calling us on 07092 849 987 or by e-mailing us and we will arrange a convenient to visit you.

Data Networking Services

Through our affiliates at OS-NET Data Networks Ltd we can offer full Windows based networking services. OS-Net will work with you through the planning, pricing, installation and commissioning process.

OS-NET will source the right equipment for your network requirements keeping the prices within your budget but never compromising quality and efficiency. Whether you are planning a two user workgroup or a 500 user client - Server Local Area, Wide Area Network, OS-NET will give your project the highest level of expertise and attention.

Network Services

  • Server Installation.
  • Client Installation.
  • Router, Hub and Switch Installation.
  • Network Server and Client Software Configuration.
  • Data Cabling (sourced through third party company).
  • Testing, commissioning and ongoing support.

Please get in touch by calling us on 07092 849 987 or by e-mailing us. For more information on Networking services please visit