Web Site Design

Our Web Development Aims

We know that great design is integral to business success. It's about communication, being understood and creating a lasting impression. Our firm grasp of these fundamentals means that every KBB Web Site developed by our experienced design team, will not only look graphically fantastic, but it will be easy to navigate, with a consistent layout.

Strategic, effective use of design can help your businesses stand out from the crowd, get you noticed by your customers and create the desire to buy within your target audience - thereby helping you to increase your profits.

We'll work hard to give your web site character, and one that offers meaningful and concise content. We can either create your online business identity with your guidance, or we can tailor your web site to match your company's existing identity.

Our web sites also follow strict web standards, and with the large number of operating systems and browsers available today this means that your web site will be easily accessible by anybody…. just the way you want it.

At KBB we know how to design web sites that WORK for you!

Take a look at our Web Site portfolio for a sample of our previous work.

Our Web Design Solutions

  • Design Consulting
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • Animation
  • Banner Design
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Web Site Maintenance and Hosting

Web Technology

Constantly striving to be at the forefront of web technology we ensure that all of our web sites are not just stylish but are compliant to the strict standards set down by the W3C (www consortium). This means that by using KBB you can be assured that your web site will be 100% user friendly, have a crisp, modern, fresh design that will be unique to your business yet accessible to everyone.

Using Flash in Web sites

Flash is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich web content. Designs, animation, and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms, attracting and engaging users with a rich Web experience. Despite the many benefits to including Flash in your web site design, there are certain drawbacks that may not suit you/your business (it can be slow and has accessibility concerns). We will advise you on whether inclusion of Flash in your design will be worthwhile to your objectives.

When implemented correctly, Flash animation can vastly improve the effectiveness of your online presence.

Flash is usually used in three ways online:

  • Banner animations (such as the one on at the top of this page). These are great for visually introducing the most important aspects of your site.
  • Flash can also be used for navigation purposes (our client Lingard Styles has taken advantage of this).
  • There are also full-Flash web sites, where everything, including the content, is animated. Many recording artists and new movie promotional websites contain significant use of Flash in this way.

We've produced a number of affordable full-Flash web sites as well as “combination sites” that include Flash alongside standard HTML coding. Our Flash animators are highly skilled so if you have an idea for your website that includes animation the only limitation will be your imagination!

Please feel free to browse our portfolio to see some examples of our work.

Content Management Systems

Take Control of Your Web Site

Your business is unique and you will have detailed requirements. Our skilled developers can provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) - a powerful yet easy to use application that will give you full control over your website and the pages contained within it - that is customised to suit your needs.

Content management is a password protected system designed for you or your team to alter or add content to your web site easily, through a user-friendly administration panel. It could be adding daily news articles, or adding products to your online catalogue. CMS allows you to instantly make changes to your web site.

  • You can add to or modify your web site’s content exactly how you need to (pages that you add to the website will automatically be added to the menu and site map).
  • Our content management tools require no technical training or knowledge; they really are “easy to use”.
  • Your site can grow with your business without costly site maintenance.
  • You can update and modify News, Blogs, Catalogues, Databases and almost any other type of content yourself.
  • Depending on your requirements we can build your CMS to enable control over various aspects of text formatting/insertion of images and links into the text; or attach files to pages quickly and easily.

We'll advise you on the best forms of content management for your site. However, we also offer cost-effective web site maintenance if you prefer to leave everything up to us.


Boost Your Sales Online

Electronic commerce consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over the Internet. KBB Web Design has the knowledge necessary to develop an e-commerce enabled site from start to finish.

Whether you need a simple online presence to augment your current advertising campaign, or you require a full online shop for your products, then we can help.

We can develop professional custom online catalogs that are easy to search and navigate, and with our easy to use Content Management System you can easily update your product list whenever you like. And, just like you'd expect from a quality online shop, we include a secure shopping cart system that makes your customers online shopping experience a breeze!

A secure database handles your customers effectively, offering you an easy means of keeping in touch through newsletters, special offers and targeted marketing.

Couple our superb e-commerce solutions with our proven Marketing Strategies and a profitable e-business is inevitable.